Inspiring The Next Generation
Vision 2035 and Inspiring the Next Generation

A little bit of this and a little bit of that, explained but not too long winded.  Perhaps about three or four lines.   We don’t want to repeat ourselves too much in these sections.  So these words make the sentence headline on the right make sense.  I’ll soon tell you if you achieve that! haha.

The Next Generation

We are passionate about “Inspiring the Next Generation” and we support multiple projects including Nasa In Aberdeen, Brazilian Pipe Band, Inverurie Academy, Mentor Programme and more.

Peer Recognition

In 2017, Carjon-Nrg Ltd Managing Director Colin Black was awarded the Society of Petroleum Engineers  International (SPEI) Distinguished Service Award


Carjon-NRG help deliver innovative solutions focused on, Technology, Energy Security, Transition, Exports People Development.  Read more here

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Our Purpose

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Our Mission

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Our Style

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