June 15, 2020

January 2020

by neil in Offshore

Carjon-NRG provided Technical Consultancy to Ocean Team Scandinavia to flush 4 of Completion Safety Valve Control lines to NAS3 using the OTS patented Supercritical CO2 Technology.

The Challenge:-

Although control lines can be filled with NAS6 Control Line fluid, historically it has only been impossible to attain Laminar flow when flushing and as such the lines themselves still contained significant particles up to NAS 12 with often wax type manufacturing debris,  all of which may cause blockage issues within the lines expected life cycle. A blocked Safety Valve control line could cause the producing well to be shut in thus loosing the valuable hydrocarbon production until a remediation solution could be found.

The Solution:-

Using SCCO2 Turbulent, flushing the lines to NAS3 and filling the lines with NAS3 fluid significantly decreases the potential for blockage issues and associated production loss risk.

Pictured are Colin Black Carjon-NRG Managing Director and the Blue Manta, Halliburton & Shell Team involved in the project.